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Refinishing Your Cabinets

refinishingKitchen cabinets can take a beating. They can be abused by the cook, thrown around by the family, and dropped and stomped on by toddlers. There are many reasons to replace existing cabinets, and today’s technology enables us to reface them while minimizing the cost of the job. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is an option when replacing older cabinets and allows you to save.

Refacing is the easiest way to change the look of a room. Many people are opting to get new cabinetry instead of simply refacing old cabinets. New cabinetry is available in all kinds of styles and finishes, and they can be purchased to match any decor. You’ll notice that installing new cabinetry is far less expensive than replacing cabinets. So, when considering cabinet refinishing, replacing old ones with new ones is an option worth exploring.

When choosing a method for refinishing, think about how well the existing drawers, doors, and drawer faces are functioning. Are the parts in good condition? If you find that parts are worn, rusting, or cracked, consider replacing them. If you find that moisture collects in the drawers and warps the metal, consider cleaning them or covering them with a cover. If you’re just looking for a basic paint job, it’s probably best to leave the doors, handles, and drawer faces in their original condition. Refinishing them may be an option.

Before you begin to refinish your existing cabinetry, take some time to clean it up so that it’s ready for the paint job. Use an environmentally friendly solvent based cleaner designed for removing dirt and grease from cabinetry. A stain protector may also be recommended for easier removal of stains, and a wood sealant may be required if you plan to stain the cabinetry.

Most cabinet refacing jobs include a fresh coat of paint, but this step is optional. If you decide to do a fresh coat of paint, consider using low VOC paints as they are less toxic. Low VOC cabinetry paints are non-toxic and are much safer than standard paints. In addition, they provide a fresh look without the expense of replacing your existing cabinets. Most hardware stores and kitchen cabinet dealers will sell and install new cabinet doors at a reasonable cost. Painting is another option, and it can give your cabinetry a whole new look and feel.

If you opt to leave your existing frames in place, another option is to refinish them. Refinishing older frames can give them a whole new look, and it usually takes only a couple of weekends for the process to be complete. Refinishing involves sanding, grinding, and polishing to create a smooth surface. This process also protects the wood from future scratches and scrapes. Once the refinishing process is completed, you’ll be able to use your kitchen doors again.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing isn’t the only way to go when it comes to replacing existing kitchen cabinets. Some homeowners choose to replace entire cabinets instead of just refinishing them. While this option can save you money, it may be less beneficial than refinishing your cabinetry. This is because refacing cabinets may require major cosmetic changes, such as removing the old door and installing a new one. Replacing cabinets with new ones also requires more work than simply refinishing the frames. The result is that replacing your cabinet with a new one can actually cost more in labor than simply refinishing your current ones.