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Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget

Kitchen cabinets can make up as much of a remodeling budget as flooring and countertops do. In fact, for many people, kitchen cabinets make up more than half of the remodel price. This makes them one of the most important items to decide upon when remodeling. Without them, a kitchen can be just a pile of wasted space. Therefore, doing the right research is important.

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There are two types of kitchen cabinets – drawer cabinets and cabinet makers. Drawer cabinets, also known as sideboard or coffee table cabinets, are built around a work surface that sits on the floor. They include two work surfaces and typically a drawer or two. The drawer units are normally constructed from wood, but depending on the style of cabinetry, they can also be made from metal, laminate, or MDF. Most drawer units have either knurling or a lip around the outside of the opening to help hold the weight of a large item.

Drawer kitchen cabinets are the best option for most people. They are easy to use, and their small size makes them very attractive and flexible in design options. If you plan to move out in a few years, you can take out the drawers and put them in your bedroom or other room. They also make great storage for small appliances and kitchen gadgets. They’re also perfect for storing leftover foods, seasonal produce, holiday decorations, and other small items you don’t want sitting around too long.

Cabinet makers, however, go a step further. Although these cabinets take up more room on the floor, they allow more storage than the drawer version. These cabinets include drawers, countertop tops, doors, and more. Whether you are remodeling or building from scratch, you can get custom-designed kitchen cabinets that not only make your kitchen look nicer, but that you can personally use.

Solid wood kitchen cabinets have always been an elegant option. You can find them in oak, maple, cherry, or pine. Although there are solid wood cabinets in many styles, solid wood still has it’s downfalls. Although they are very durable, they can get really dirty really quick with all the food that gets put in and scraped up. That is why many people now choose to use cabinet finished with a veneer or painted finish, making them look just as nice as solid wood cabinets, only they are less likely to get dirty.

Cabinet finished in wood grain or painted with an enamel coating have their pluses and minuses. If you have a tight budget, you can even get stock cabinets in these same woods. However, these types of kitchen cabinets are low in quality. If you can afford to pay more for better quality, you should. The reason being is that although stock cabinets look pretty good, they are subject to damage with repeated use and exposure to moisture and heat.

If you want to find cabinet ready to use (RTF) at a great price, the answer is simple. Buy ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are made by taking the bare bones of a stock kitchen cabinet model, and simply assembling it with particle board or similar materials. They are much cheaper than stock cabinets, and because they are assembled, you don’t have to pay someone to install them either, saving even more money on the budget-friendly kitchen renovation.

If you don’t know how to do a remodeling project yourself, there are many good books out there that will show you step-by-step what you need to do, and what kind of tools you will need. Likewise, there are many very good online resources for kitchen renovation, including books, magazines, and websites. If you want to do a remodeling project yourself, I would suggest looking for some good renovation videos online as well, which can help show you exactly what needs to be done. In the end, by doing a little research, you can come up with some good remodeling ideas for your kitchen cabinets.